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Learning Options

Our Learning Consultants provide learning options tailored to meet your needs and skill set. Our sessions compliment the online learning resources and will guide you through each step, focusing on content, navigation, key functionality and search techniques as well as how to efficiently work with your results.  In addition we also offer Consulting and Advice sessions to assist in aligning our learning solutions to your business priorities.

CLE/CPD points may be gained by attending our sessions or through utilising our online learning resources.  Please refer to the CLE/CPD Governing Body of your State as to the number of points you are able to claim.

Super User Session   Floor Walking Session   Learning Via Guides   Consulting and Advice   Continuing Professional Development
Group Session   Drop-In Session   Academic Resources   Learning Via Videos    
1:1 Session   Webinar/Telephonic Session   Practice Management Support   Learning Via Podcasts    

Super-User Session

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In-depth, one-on-one or small group sessions for internal staff tasked with being LexisNexis super-users in their firm or business is catered for in this session. Covering all core content, functionality, navigation techniques, product customisation and delivery options this session ensures your internal super-users possess efficiency and effectiveness within your subscription materials to successfully assist others within your organisation.

Group Session

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While fully customisable, this session typically provides an overview of your organisation’s subscription focusing on all key content, functionality, navigation, available product customisation and delivery options. Alternatively these sessions can be tailored to a specific practice area, content type or organisational need.

1:1 Session

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Individual bespoke sessions. For example, a 1:1 session might be for a new user, a refresher session or an advanced session for an existing user.

Floor Walking Session

A Learning Consultant spends a quick few minutes at each person’s desk helping with individual needs, often useful for follow-up sessions (i.e. customising the user’s homepage, Sources list, or setting up alerts to automatically email new cases, regulations or other necessary content).

Drop-In Session

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Using an efficient sign-up sheet for the session, the Learning Consultant comes to your organisation, working with individuals from a centralised location such as a conference room or library to answer quick questions. Committing in advance via the sign-up sheet, users simply visit when it is convenient within the timeframe to ask their questions.

Webinar/Telephonic Session

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These are convenient group or individual sessions combining desktop sharing with phone conferencing enabling you to both see and hear the Learning Consultant as they move through the product step-by-step – an extremely popular option as there is no need to leave your desk!
A telephonic session delivers learning live via the phone wherein the attendee operates his own computer and follows the steps provided by the Learning Consultant.

Consulting and Advice

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These sessions will allow us to align our learning solutions to your business priorities to develop tools to identify learning gaps, make recommendations, and provide national learning coverage to bridge skill gaps.

Learning via Videos

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Our learning videos compliment all other session options to ensure you have the opportunity to incorporate all learning style preferences within your organization.

Learning and Bite-size videos are available to meet individual needs and preference.

Learning videos are typically 4 – 10 minutes.  These videos present as a series beginning with an overview and quickly moving through to more complex functionality. Viewing an entire series allows you to fully leverage your LexisNexis subscription or give you the freedom to learn only those areas of LexisNexis that are relevant to your work.

Bite-size videos are typically 90 seconds.  These videos provide a quick overview of specific tasks or functionality within the service.

Learning via Podcasts

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The LexisNexis learning podcasts provide you with the opportunity to have a hands-on session through taking direction via a podcast. With your hands on your keyboard, work through various areas and functionality of our LexisNexis products with ease.

Learning via Guides

Do you learn best by reading? These traditional reference guides are downloadable PDF documents taking you through an entire product step-by-step with both visual and written instruction.

Academic Resources

Are you studying or teaching law? LexisNexis Campus is available to support your learning through our dedicated learning resources.  Visit for more information

Practice Management Support

Should you need support for any of our practice management products, please visit

Continuing Professional Development

Online and on-demand Continuing Professional Development courses offer you a chance to obtain your CPD points for the year.  Our courses are designed to take one hour and provide a Certificate of Completion that may be used for your records.  For Lexis Advance subscribers LexisNexis provide hyperlinks to cases and legislation mentioned in the courses. Achieving your CPD points has never been easier!

Available courses can be purchased direct from our estore, please click here 

Any questions may be directed to

More information and brochure available here

Please contact us to discuss these options further and book in a session which best suits your requirements.

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